About us

Wivines is a Mediterranean soul, created by a group of entrepreneurs who love wine culture and flavors of our land. We bring you the spirit of our history through the senses of smell and taste the pleasure of sharing with you a good time.

What we do

We look for "hidden treasures, unique wines," among small "big" wine of our wine regions. We selected from among the best wines, those who faithfully represent the tradition and culture * enológica prepared only with local varieties.

Our aim is to find the hidden gems putting at your disposal so you can enjoy a great wine at a great price.

We bring

Quality: It has been a long journey to locate each of our wines, reflecting the expression of authenticity and tradition. Each winery has drawn his own way: through organic wines, vineyards centenarian vineyards with an exceptional location, or selecting * each cluster of grapes, but all with one purpose, make unique wines.

With the quality and service to our clients, in our fundamental business perspective and the continuing search work best day. * Wivines offers our wineries a joint project that will allow us to grow domestically and internationally.

Gamma propose two distinct ranges of products.

* Essentials are defining a variety, an authenticity, a great wine at a reasonable price and available to any consumer, from the most casual to expert.

* Premium * enológicas jewels of each variety or wine region, at the height of extraordinary wines from these areas. A real pleasure for the senses and available to all wine lovers.

Social responsibility

Col work with the NGO * * Obwambi Malaika, foundation dedicated to education and child support orphans in Uganda and Tanzania. Presenting their project in all public manifestations * Wivines and also contributing 1% of their sales to the foundation.